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Why Do Government And Council Building Grounds Need An Arboricultural Consultant For A Tree Survey?

It is no surprise that some of the oldest and most beautiful buildings across the UK are institutions used by local government and councils for hundreds of years. It is therefore quite natural for these buildings to have beautifully landscaped gardens filled with trees.

However, councils don’t just work our of these architectural wonders – many council offices and facilites are contained in more modern buildings in and around the areas they serve – and many of these also need tending to on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, trees can pose a hazard to individuals in busy areas such as grounds and gardens if branches were to fall and injure them. Lally Tree Management are able to provide Tree Risk Assessment surveys for landowners across England and Wales, providing a documented report proving that you identified a threat and called in a professional for a consultation. This can be extremely important to protect yourself in court if an injured party decides to sue.

As councils continue to expand, many government buildings are extended to make room for more offices. However, sometimes, a single tree can stand in the way of a planned development. This is due to the effect that it could have on the extension once it is built. For example, root systems can destroy foundations and all the block work above them. For this reason, building planners and architects will demand a BS5837 tree survey be carried out to determine whether or not it needs to be (re)moved. BS5837 trees in relation to construction must always be inspected by qualified tree surgeons such as Lally Tree Management.

Sometime works to trees is restricted due to a Tree Preservation Order. TPO trees are considered by local authorities to be significant for a range of reasons, and any attempt to remove them can lead to heavy fines.

Lally Tree Management are arboricultural consultants who are qualified to provide a tree survey on TPO trees, as well as trees that are situated in a conservation area.

Some trees, however, are more significant than others, especially in the eyes of the landowner. For this reason, it can be helpful to know the value of the tree, as if anything detrimental occurs in the future, an old tree cannot simply be ‘replaced’. Lally Tree Management therefore offers Tree Valuation Reports for any client who deems this necessary.

The Process

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Step 3 - Work & Delivery

We perform the survey on the agreed date and the report is created and dispatched to you.

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