Arboricultural Consultant For Tree Surveys Of Historic Properties & Their Grounds Across Manchester, England & Wales

With thousands of years of history, Britain has a wealth of beautiful architectural wonders, most of which stand within acres of well-maintained grounds. Many of the trees growing in these grounds have been there for centuries and are considered to be irreplaceable – but how do you ensure they stay safe and healthy?

Why Do Historical Buildings & Grounds Need An Arboricultural Consultant For A Tree Survey?

If you have a tree in the grounds of a historic property that demands attention, Lally Tree Management are fully qualified to carry out a tree risk assessment and present you with a report detailing any outstanding issues.

The health of a tree is vitally important, not only for aesthetics, but also for the sake of health and safety. If, for instance, a member of the public was to get injured as a result of a falling branch or similar, the owner of the historic property will be considered liable for any damages. By having a Tree Risk Assessment report carried out, you can prove that you identified a risk, and contacted a professional.

Of course, most trees do not present a risk, but may stand in the way of future development projects for various reasons. Luckily, Lally Tree Management are also qualified to carry out a BS5837 tree survey for planning, providing the building planners and architects to move forward with the project.

If, however, a historic property lies within a conservation order, then you may have trees that are subject to a Tree Preservation Order. TPO trees cannot be removed or altered without approval from the local council based on tree survey advice provided by qualified professionals such as Lally Tree Management.

The reason for this is due to historical significance. Unlike buildings, a 500 year old tree can not simply be ‘replaced’, and so many people who possess a tree such as this will be curious to learn its value via a tree valuation report – especially when its value can have a direct effect on the value of the property in whose grounds it stands.

Lally Tree Management is run by Matt Lally, a highly qualified arboricultural consultant with over 15 years’ experience looking after and rehabilitating trees across Europe, including the UK, Germany, Austria and Norway.

The Process

Step 1 - Site Information

We will ask for certain pieces of information related to the survey you need, then provide you with a fixed, free no obligation quote. (No Site Visit Required).

Step 2 - Quote Provided

If you are happy with the quote, we will schedule a convenient day for the survey.

Step 3 - Work & Delivery

After the survey, we create the necessary report and have it dispatched to you.

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Why Use Lally Tree Management To Provide Tree A Survey For Your Historic Building Grounds In Manchester, England & Wales?

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