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Why Would I Need A Tree Survey In Cumbria & The Lake District?

Formerly a bustling port town, Lancaster is a city known for its historic buildings and beautiful surrounding areas. Built around a medieval castle, Lancaster has a wealth of beautiful trees, with many rarer examples flourishing in Williamson Park.

Morecambe also has stunning natural areas, especially to the north of the promenade – and with the future development of the Eden Project in full swing, Morecambe is likely to see an explosion of investment over the next years. For years, Lally Tree Management has provided numerous types of survey to individuals and companies who have required their services.

Types Of Tree Surveys In Lancaster & Morecambe


Tree Valuation Reports In Lancaster & Morecambe

Due to the age of the area, there are large numbers of older trees which not only add a certain aesthetic to people’s gardens, but also increase the value of their property. In these situations, many contact us as an arboricultural consultant in Lancaster and Morecambe to carry out tree valuation reports for the sake of personal curiosity or to see if it will increase the value of their home and grounds in their entirety.

Tree Mortgage Report In Lancaster & Morecambe

If you are planning on buying a house in Lancaster or Morecambe which has a tree in close proximity to the building itself, there is a distinct possibility that your potential lender will request a Tree Mortgage Report. These surveys help to determine whether or not the house or its foundations are likely to be affected by the tree or its roots at any point in the future. A lender will only want to lend money to a buyer whose impending purchase will increase in value.

BS5837 Tree Survey For Planning In Lancaster & Morecambe

If you are an individual or work for a company who is planning on building an extension onto an existing building or an entirely new build, before planning permission is granted there is a chance that the council will request a BS5837 tree survey for planning in Lancaster and Morecambe. These surveys are a necessity if there are trees within a reasonable distance of the planned build which could affect or harm the building once it is complete. For a BS5837 tree survey in Lancaster and Morecambe, you must use a qualified arboricultural consultant.

Tree Risk Assessment Reports In Lancaster & Morecambe

While trees are a beautiful addition to any garden, what many homeowners are unaware of is that they would be responsible for any injuries that occur to any passers-by if a branch were to fall. Taking the time to have a tree risk assessment in Lancaster or Morecambe performed by a qualified arboricultural consultant can help to provide advice on how best to maintain it, and allowing you to prove your due-diligence in the event of an accident.

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas In Lancaster & Morecambe

Historic cities such as Lancaster, as well as coastal towns such as Morecambe are surrounded by conservation areas to help sustain the natural beauty of the area. These areas are often on both public and private land, and any trees built within their boundaries are likely to be subject to a Tree Preservation Order. TPO trees cannot be moved, felled, or interfered with in any way without legal permission from the local council. Only qualified arboricultural consultants in Lancaster are allowed to carry out TPO surveys and make recommendations.

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The bay area of Lancaster and Morecambe is a fantastic place to find a great range of beautiful trees, but if one of them develops issues and is located on your property then you may need to get a tree survey carried out. Operating as an arboricultural consultant in Manchester, Matthew Lally has a vast amount of experience as an arboricultural consultant across the North West of England and North Wales having already worked on the continent in countries such as Germany, Austria and Norway.

Lally Tree Management has gained a wonderful reputation with clients in areas such as Cumbria and The Lake District and York, always arriving with a smile and the right tools for the job. We love our work and the beautiful areas we get to visit, so if you’re based in areas such as Chester or Liverpool and The Wirral, why not get in touch for some friendly advice?

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