Tree Surveys In Manchester For Property Developers & Property Development

Why Do Property Developers And Property Development Companies Need Tree Surveys?


Property development continues to be one of the most active industries in both urban and rural areas. From green field sites to brown field sites, the number of conversions and new builds for sale across the country is a testament to how important property development companies truly are to the economy.

At many construction sites, however, there are trees that could interfere with the planned building and its foundations.

Whether or not these trees pose a threat is not based on an estimate, and require a professional arboricultural consultant with the relevant qualifications to perform a BS5837 tree survey. Lally Tree Management have been providing BS5837 tree surveys for property developers for many years, providing property development companies with the peace of mind necessary to continue developing the site.

Of course, sometimes the planned build will take place in a conservation area, and the trees that are located there will be subject to a Tree Protection Order. TPO trees can not be moved or interfered with without permission by the local authorities – and the only way to request a removal is by having a tree survey carried out by a qualified arboricultural consultant.

Another reason to contact a tree surgeon is if you are buying a property, and your potential lender has asked for a tree mortgage report before providing you with the necessary funds. This is because the lender will want to ensure that there are no potential issues with nearby trees that would cause them to lose money if you default on your repayments.

If the planned property is being built on private land with older trees, or trees that the landowner finds significant, it can often be worth asking for a valuation before any party decides to reposition or cut it down. Older trees are impossible to replace in the short-term, and as culturally significant trees are likely to elevate the value of the planned building, then a tree valuation report is considered a worthwhile investment.


The Process

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Step 3 - Work & Delivery

We will carry out the survey and he report will be sent out in a timely manner.

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