Arboricultural Consultant Providing Tree Surveys In Manchester For Offices, Business Parks and Industrial Complexes

As more businesses more their bases to established business parks and away from town centres for cheaper rent, there is always a need to provide beautiful surroundings for both staff and clients. Those who own business parks, industrial complexes and office buildings are aware of this, and do so by placing shrubs, hedges and trees throughout. But how can you be sure that your trees are safe?

Why Do Offices, Business Parks & Industrial Complexes Need An Arboricultural Consultant For A Tree Survey?

At Lally Tree Management, we specialise in tree health and issues that stem from it. If a tree is unhealthy, the likelihood of it posing a risk to those who use the business park is increased dramatically. By having a Tree Risk Assessment Survey carried out for the sake of health and safety, you can prove that you have taken all the necessary steps to protect those around you.

Of course, similar to many developed locations, new office buildings are being built in business parks all the time. Unfortunately, these developments can sometimes be delayed due to the proximity of nearby trees. Despite their delicate nature, over time trees can force their way through solid concrete, damaging both building foundations and block work. In these situations, building planners and architects will require a BS5837 Tree Survey for planning to be carried out. This BS5837 tree report provides a summary of the threats it could pose during construction, and also over its lifetime.

There are, however, certain trees that cannot be interfered with as a result of a Tree Preservation Order. A TPO tree is considered significant by the local council and must be surveyed by a qualified tree surgeon. At Lally Tree Management, we provide advice for those who have a tree in a conservation area that needs to be either moved or felled. Anyone caught removing a TPO tree without consent from the local council can face heavy fine

Luckily, most TPO trees are free to stand in their grounds for their entire lifetime and as a result can significantly increase the value of the land. Lally Tree Management can provide tree valuation reports at reasonable prices, supplying you with a tree survey report that can be used when deciding upon an asking price upon a sale.

Lally Tree Management is run and operated by Matthew Lally, a highly-qualified arboricultural consultant whose work has taken him from the UK, to Germany, Austria and Norway. Matthew is highly respected among his peers for his abilities and friendly nature, and thanks to his 15 years of professional experience can provide advice on any possible situation related to trees.

The Process

Step 1 - Site Information

We discuss your needs relating to the survey in question, collect the necessary information and provide a free no-obligation quote.

Step 2 - Quote Provided

If the quote is accepted, we then arrange a suitable time to perform the survey.

Step 3 - Work & Delivery

Once the survey is over, we take the information and use to it to produce a report that is them provided to you.

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