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Who Would Need a Tree Survey in Manchester?


Manchester is one of the largest cities in the UK, encompassing surrounding towns such as Bury, Stockport, Urmston and Altrincham. Thanks to a regeneration scheme over the last twenty years, both the city centre and nearby towns are able to enjoy a fantastic selection of flora and fauna including historic trees across beautiful parks and rural areas further afield.

Of course, trees are not only found in parks – but also in the grounds of private residences, and as a result the proprietor may find themselves needing the assistance of an experienced arboricultural consultant in Manchester from time to time. Below are some examples of tree surveys in Manchester, and why they may be necessary.


Types Of Tree Surveys In Manchester


Tree Valuation Reports In Manchester

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful tree in your grounds, you may be surprised to learn that it could add value to your home. This is because a tree that has been standing for decades – or even hundreds of years – is impossible to replace. Many people who are considering selling their home will have a tree valuation report in Manchester carried out, allowing them to increase their asking price by a considerable amount.

Tree Mortgage Report In Manchester

If you are in the process of buying a home, your potential lender may request that you have a tree mortgage report in Manchester carried out. A lender will always want to ensure that the investment for which they are lending money will not lose value due to the possibility of damage from a tree that is growing nearby. An arboricultural consultant in Manchester will be able to examine the tree and its root system and provide the tree mortgage report needed.

BS5837 Tree Survey For Planning In Manchester

As those who live in the city are aware, whereever you go, there are always new developments being carried out. If these developments are due to located in an area with a high density of trees nearby, it is likely that BS5837 tree survey in Manchester will be requested before planning permission is granted. This is to make sure that the future growth of trees that are due to be in close proximity of the planned structure will not cause foundation damage or subsidence issues.

Tree Risk Assessment Reports In Manchester

Many people who have trees in their grounds are surprised to learn that they would be legally responsible for any injuries it may cause to passers-by in the event of a falling branch or being felled in its entirety during bad weather. An arboricultural consultant in Manchester can visit your property and perform a tree risk assessment report in Manchester to show that you have contacted a professional and performed your legal due dilligence.

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas In Manchester

As with any beautiful historic city, there will be areas designated by the local council as conservation areas. There will also be a large number of trees that are given a tree preservation order in Manchester. This is because they are of great significance to the eco-system, or historically important. Any attempt to interfere with these trees will likely be met with legal action, unless you contact an arboricultural consultant in Manchester who is qualified to do so, such as Lally Tree Management.

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Lally Tree Management – An Experienced Arboricultural Consultant

Matthew Lally has worked as an arboricultural consultant in Manchester for over 15 years, having also applied his trade across Europe in countries such as Germany, Austria and Norway. However, we have also provided a tree survey to many clients across the North West of England and North Wales thanks to our excellent reputation.

Finding a trustworthy arboricultural consultant is never easy, but as our former clients in Lancaster and Morecambe, Chester and York can attest, you’ll always be in safe hands with Lally Tree Management. We love our work and the beautiful areas we get to visit such as Cumbria & The Lake District or Liverpool and The Wirral, and are always prepared to offer advice to anyone who feels that a tree on their property may need to be checked.

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