Lally Tree Management Now Qualified As A ‘VALID’ App User.  What does that mean?


I use a risk-benefit management system for evaluating trees.  The VALID system is dedicated to providing a straight-forward method of identifying potential issues via the use of an easy-to-use Tree Risk App. In order to use this app I have been through extensive training.

The app itself was developed and tested in conjunction with Willy Aspinall, an Emeritus Cabot Professor in Natural Hazards & Risk Science at Bristol University:

“We have stress-tested VALID and didn’t find any gross, critical sensitivities. In short, the mathematical basis of your approach is sufficiently robust and dependable for any practical purpose.”

The app helps to decide on tough decisions that fall in line with tree risk-benefit management strategies. By entering the data that has been collected during an assessment into the app including the Likelihood of Occupancy, Consequences, and Likelihood of Failure categories, the app’s algorithm will then generate a risk score.

While the trees we are lucky enough to have in the grounds of our properties are often aesthetically beautiful, it is important to be aware of risks it poses if it loses structural rigidity, or develops a disease that could lead to the shedding of branches in areas where individuals could be hurt.

VALID helps make decisions on tricky situations thanks to the system’s uncomplicated Tree Risk-Benefit Management Strategies that are based on the ISO31000 Risk Management Standards and the Tolerability of Risk Framework (ToR).

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