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Why Would I Need A Tree Survey In Chester?


Chester has proven to be one of the gems of the UK for its architecture, culture and Roman ruins, as well as the prevalence of natural elements including gardens and ancient trees.

In the past, we have had clients looking for a tree survey in Chester for a number of reasons both for legal and personal reasons.

Types Of Tree Surveys In Chester


Tree Valuation Reports In Chester

In many areas of Chester, there are trees that are hundreds of years old – many of which are within private grounds and can add an immense amount of value to the property. As an arboricultural consultant in Chester, we are often called by homeowners to carry out a tree valuation report for these trees, not only for the sake of pride, but also for the sake of gauging your asking price if you decide to sell your home.

Tree Mortgage Report In Chester

Due to the age of many of the buildings and their proximity to trees, mortgage providers will often demand a tree survey in Chester known as a Tree Mortgage Report before they agree to lend. Lally Tree Management have provided Tree Mortgage Reports to many clients as an arboricultural consultant in Chester, providing them with any issues that could arise in the future as a result of shrinkable soils, subsidence, or even foundation damage due to root growth.

BS5837 Tree Survey For Planning In Chester

While Chester itself is very old, the city itself continues to expand with further housing and offices being built all year round. In many cases, before planning permission is granted the local council will demand to know whether or not a BS5837 Tree Survey in Chester has been carried out by a qualified arboricultural consultant. These surveys are to ensure that any new build will not be affected by nearby flora, and that any risk is minimised.

Tree Risk Assessment Reports In Chester

Due to the age of the city and the trees within it, there is always a risk that a tree has become damaged and could pose a risk to passers-by. Even if the tree in question is in private grounds, if it causes damage or injury due to overhanging branches, the property owner will still be prosecuted. As an arboricultural consultant in Chester, Lally Tree Management are able to carry out Tree Risk Assessment Reports, providing you with proof that you have due diligence has been carried out, relieving you of any issues that may have arisen.

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas In Chester

Due to the historic nature of the city, we are often called upon to carry out a tree survey in Chester in locales where there are existing conservation areas, or Tree Preservation Orders. TPO trees are protected by the council, regardless of location. If they are moved or interfered with before being surveyed by a qualified arboricultural consultant in Chester, then the party responsible can find themselves heavily fined.

The Process

Step 1 - Site Information

We will collect all the information we need, then provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Step 2 - Quote Provided

If the quote is accepted, we will enquire about a date for the visit.

Step 3 - Work & Delivery

Our arboricultural consultant in Chester will carry out the survey before completing the report and dispatching to you.

A Friendly Arboricultural Consultant In Chester You Can Trust, Providing Advice & Tree Surveys in Chester.

Lally Tree Management – An Experienced Arboricultural Consultant

Due to the specialist nature of the profession, finding an arboricultural consultant that you can trust to carry out a tree survey can be hard work. Matthew Lally has been working as an arboricultural consultant in Manchester for 15 years, having already practiced his trade in abroad in Germany, Austria and Norway.

Lally Tree Management provides services around the North West of the UK including North Wales, Cumbria and The Lake District, and York. We are a friendly bunch who all love our job and the beautiful areas we get to visit as part of our work, so whether you’re in Lancaster & Morecambe or Liverpool and The Wirral, we’re always available to provide you with a helping hand.

We are punctual, always prepared, and always honest with our clients.

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