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Why Would I Need A Tree Survey In Liverpool & The Wirral?

Liverpool is known for its maritime history, musical revolutions and for being the ninth largest city in England – and for good reason.
Many residents have grown up in Liverpool and enjoy the fact that both the urban and rural areas are so intertwined with beautiful trees growing everywhere.

However, it is important to know that there are many laws surrounding the removal of trees, or the construction of new-builds within close proximity of them.

Types Of Tree Surveys In Liverpool & The Wirral


Tree Valuation Reports In Liverpool & The Wirral

Thanks to its historic past, arboricultural consultants in Liverpool and The Wirral such as Lally Tree Management are often approached by individuals who wish to know how valuable a tree that is situated in their grounds is worth. What many people aren’t aware of is that certain trees can not only be worth a lot of money themselves but can also increase the value of the property within whose grounds they lie. In these situations, we can carry out a Tree Valuation Report in Liverpool providing clients with everything they need to know about their tree.

Tree Mortgage Report In Liverpool & The Wirral

As the city itself has so many amenities, many of those who live in Liverpool have no interest in moving away, and there are always more and more people moving in. When a person applies for a mortgage for a house, the lender may ask for a Tree Mortgage Report in Liverpool and the Wirral to ensure that the property with a tree in close proximity will not take any damage in the future from issues such as root growth. These types are survey can only be carried out by a qualified arboricultural consultant in Liverpool such as Lally Tree Management.

BS5837 Tree Survey For Planning In Liverpool & The Wirral

As many big cities tend to do, Liverpool is always growing. And when it grows, the city often finds itself needing more housing and office buildings. When a construction company or private individual applies for planning permission for a new build, however, they must contact a qualified arboricultural consultant for a BS5837 Tree Survey For Planning in Liverpool and The Wirral if the proposed building site contains numerous trees. An arboricultural consultant such as Lally Tree Management is qualified to carry out this tree survey for submission to the council.

Tree Risk Assessment Reports In Liverpool & The Wirral

One thing that many people are unaware of regarding tree ownership is that they are responsible for its health and upkeep. So, while trees on public property are the responsibility of the council, the upkeep of those within your own private grounds are your obligation. This means that if anyone were to be injured by your tree in anyway, then you will be held responsible. By have a Tree Risk Assessment Report in Liverpool & The Wirral carried out, you can prove to the authorities that you took all necessary steps to keep it in a health condition.

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas In Liverpool & The Wirral

As many residents are aware, there are certain areas of the city and its surrounding areas that are considered to be conservation area, containing trees that are subject to a Tree Preservation Order by Liverpool City Council. This means that regardless of whether the tree is in public or private grounds, it cannot be moved, felled or trimmed without the production of a report by an arboricultural consultant in Liverpool and The Wirral who can provide advice on its status – and failure to do so can result in heavy fines for the guilty party.

The Process

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If you’re in need of an arboricultural consultant to provide you with impartial advice in the North West of England and North Wales, you need to find someone with experience who you can trust. Matthew Lally has worked across Europe applying his trade in Germany, Austria and Norway before settling as an arboricultural consultant in Manchester for the last 15 years.

From Cumbria and The Lake District to Chester, Lally Tree Management have carried out a range of tree surveys for clients who are worried about a tree on their property, arriving promptly with a smile and ready to answer any questions you may have. So no matter whether you’re based in York, or Lancaster and Morecambe, we’ll always be on hand to provide advice.

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