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Why Would I Need A Tree Survey In York?

The historic city of York is the most visited city in England outside of London, and it’s not hard to see why. With beautiful architecture and lush greenery, it’s often hard to think of a more idyllic spot to live.

With all the natural flora, however, it is easy to forget about the responsibilities that come with owning or developing on land where trees are common, and this is why arboricultural consultants are often brought in to carry out a tree survey in York.

Types Of Tree Survey In York


Tree Valuation Reports In York

Trees are wonderful to look at, but unbeknownst to many, certain trees can add a lot of value to private grounds if they are well maintained and healthy. We have had numerous clients ask us to undertake a tree valuation report in York for both personal reasons, but also to raise their asking prices if they decide to sell their home, as centuries old trees are impossible to replace.

Tree Mortgage Report In York

Due to its beauty, it is easy to see why many individuals and families wish to move to the city. If they are applying for a mortgage, however, there are times when a lender will request a tree mortgage report in York before accepting the application. This is because they are worried that a tree in the vicinity of the property could possibly affect the value of the home in the future and devalue it. In these situations, a qualified arboricultural consultant in York such as Lally Tree Management will need to be contacted to carry out the tree survey.

BS5837 Tree Survey For Planning In York

Despite the famed history of the city, as the population continues to grow more houses and offices have needed to be built to accommodate them. Before planning permission is granted though, the local council may request that you provide them with a BS5837 tree survey in York. These surveys are vitally important to ensure that nearby trees will not affect the proposed building at any point in the future, and these must be performed by an arboricultural consultant in York who holds the relevant qualifications such as Lally Tree Management.

Tree Risk Assessment Reports In York

Of course, as beautiful as trees are, they can pose a risk over time due to diseases and bad maintenance. If these trees are on public grounds, then it is the responsibility of the local council to supervise its health and safety, but if the tree is on privately owned grounds, then the owner is responsible for its upkeep – and the consequences of it injuring a passer-by if a branch falls or it is felled. Lally Tree Management have performed many Tree Risk Assessment Reports in York to help private owners prove that they have been pro-active in ensuring the health of the public.

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas In York

Some trees in York are not just valuable in monetary terms but are valuable to the ecosystem and history of the city itself. Trees such as these are often provided with a Tree Preservation Order in York, meaning that they cannot be moved, removed, or even touched without a tree survey carried out by a qualified arboricultural consultant in York who can advise the local council about its status. Failure to comply with these rules can result in heavy fines – even on private grounds.

The Process

Step 1 - Site Information

We will request and collect the necessary information, then provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Step 2 - Quote Provided

Once the quote is accepted, our arboricultural consultant in York will arrange a date for the visit.

Step 3 - Work & Delivery

We perform the survey and then complete the report and dispatch to you.

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Lally Tree Management – An Experienced Arboricultural Consultant

If you are looking for an arboricultural consultant for a tree survey in York, it can be hard to find a company who you can trust to provide impartial advice and cost-effective services. Lally Tree Management works across the Northwest of England and North Wales providing our clients with a service they can trust. Matthew Lally has worked in numerous countries across Europe including Germany, Austria and Norway, before settling as an arboricultural consultant in Manchester over 15 years ago.

While based in Manchester, we are always happy to travel farther afield to places such as Lancaster and Morecambe, York and Chester to perform our duties, and we always arrive on time and ready to work. We like our clients to know that they are in safe hands when they contact us, so we are always available to answer any question they may have as the survey is carried out. So whether you’re located in Cumbria and The Lake District or down in Liverpool and The Wirral, you can count on Lally Tree Management to get the job done.

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